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Jewellery Care



Avoid storing your piece of jewellery next to a strong heat source or in direct sunlight. This may cause fading over time. Natural pine resin is strong, durable and waterproof. However, it is recommended not to wear the items in the shower or swimming pool, and refrain from spraying perfume or other alcohol based products near or on the piece, in order to preserve their original condition.

A soft cloth can be used to buff the piece and bring out its original shine. It is strongly advised to do this after each use, to prevent natural body oils or lotions from damaging the surface of the resin, and to keep the piece in best possible condition. The surface is liable to scratch in cases of extreme misuse. Pine resin is an organic substance and should be treated as such. It is the customers responsibility to care for their item appropriately.

Gold fill and gold plate wears as well as solid gold when maintained and kept in good condition. A base metal is used for the chain or pendant frame, such as brass or copper. A top layer of solid gold is fused onto the chain using heat and pressure. This permanently bonds the gold to the surface of the chain creating a durable, strong and sparkling effect just like solid gold. No metal allergies are caused by the underlying base metal as the top layer is solid gold and therefore retains its characteristics.

For care of gold fill & sterling silver chains:
Warm water and a soft cloth are the best materials you can use to maintain the beauty of your jewellery. For a deeper, occasional cleaning, a drop of soap will return its lustre. Many chemicals marketed for cleaning jewellery are actually somewhat abrasive and corrosive and can cause damage or colour alteration to your jewellery. When you have finished cleaning make sure that you have dried you items properly using a clean and dry soft cloth. Salt water and chlorine in swimming pools, and everyday build up of body oils and lotions will take their toll on all plated jewellery and will eventually wear after a number of years.

All earrings and pendants have their posts/bails secured with a layer of pine resin to ensure they will not break away from the base. It is advisable not to tug harshly on chains or bails. Each item should be treated with love and care to ensure its longevity. It is the customers responsibility to care for their Lost Forest treasures appropriately. 

A handmade item does not have a machine made, uniform finish. The hand of the maker is evident in each piece to guarantee authenticity of a manual process. This is a charming inherent character of a handcrafted item and will not impact on the integrity, beauty or quality of the finished piece.


Gift Wrap



Each item of jewellery will be beautifully gift-boxed in the signature Lost Forest velvet jewellery box, and lovingly wrapped in floral tissue paper. Every order will also include a collectable notecard with a personal message from the artist. There is a luxury gift wrap upgrade available here, including the exclusive Lost Forest gift bag.

Packaging materials are locally sourced and produced in Ireland using FSC-certified papers. Lost Forest is proud to be plastic-free, and uses only biodegradable alternatives. The jewellery box is intended to become a treasured keepsake in itself, and is encouraged to be kept, loved and cherished for a lifetime.

The notecard can be personally addressed to the recipient. You can leave the message you would like to include when you purchase any item in store.