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Preserve a moment in time forever...


Lost Forest specialises in bespoke custom work; expertly preserving a significant moment in your life in a beautiful and unique memento. Items such as your wedding flowers, memorial flowers, pet fur or any object that holds  a special meaning for you can be made into a necklace, bangle, earrings, cufflinks, paperweight or Puddle Plate and become a cherished heirloom. Please read below for further information on ordering a custom piece.


How Do I contact you?

You can contact me through my contact form or at I take great pride in my customer service, and I usually (depending on my schedule) reply within a few hours of receiving an inquiry. Please provide me with as much detail as possible for your intended project. I answer emails from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. If the matter is urgent, I will endeavour to reply as soon as possible.

You can view my current listings in store or my Instagram page for inspiration of past works I've made.



The day after your wedding or event you can begin the process of drying. I would recommend taking a few blooms from your bouquet (please make sure they are dry and have not been sitting in water), trim off the stalks and dry using the suitable drying method for your flower type. The remainder of your bouquet can be kept in its original bound state and hung upside down in an airing cupboard so it retains its beauty and form.

Once the flowers are dried you can choose the flowers that have retained the best colour. Please choose the best flowers, as this will ensure a better result in the resin. Browned or discoloured flowers will not be suitable for embedding in resin.



For pressed flowers, place them between two smooth pieces of card/blotting paper, then place into a zip-lock bag (with a silica sachet if you have one to hand) and pack into a bubble envelope or shallow postal box. If the flowers are in the round, carefully wrap them with some tissue paper and then into a reinforced postal box to prevent any damage during transit. Once received I'll contact you again and we can begin the design process. I will send you a PayPal invoice to purchase your custom order. The process to make the piece(s) would be approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the order volume (excluding shipping time).

Please make sure that the flowers are completely free of moisture before posting. Any residual moisture will cause the flowers to rot during transit.

Once you're ready to ship, please send me an emailand I will provide you with my address.



I have created a bangle measurement guide, which enables you to get an accurate diameter and knuckle measurement. I cannot be responsible if the customer provides a wrong measurement.

Each style of bangle listed in store has a fixed diameter, as the molds in which they are formed are set sizes and cannot be adjusted. I do offer a range of diameters in a mixture of fashionable styles to suit various sized wrists.

I also have an option to create a chain link bracelet, which allows for a broad range of wrist sizes and styles.


What is the price of a custom item?

A custom item will not be the same price as items currently in store. A custom order requires a new comprehensive design process that is unique to the customers specifications. This requires extra hours, creative thought, skill and production to complete a true bespoke piece that will not be repeated again. 

Please contact me first with full details of your project and I can provide you with an individual quote.



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