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Wedding & Bespoke Designs


EXPLORE the opportunity to collaborate with Lost Forest artist Gillian Corcoran. Gillian has created exceptional pine resin mementos for clients all over the world. Her keen attention to detail and refined craftsmanship enables her to work with personal and sentimental items and transform them into unique and emotive pieces of jewellery. Lost Forest is especially renowned for our preservation of bridal bouquets - magically designing them into stunning pieces of unique jewellery. Gillian works with bridal bouquet flowers, memorial wreath flowers, cherished locks of hair, and many more nostalgic artefacts. With a blend of her whimsical imagination and design knowledge, Gillian can create a wearable keepsake of your most treasured memories. 

If you don't have your own personal inclusions, Gillian is more than happy to create a bespoke piece using her own extensive personal library of flowers, shells, feathers, mosses and lichens.

If you would like to embark on a custom order with her, please refer to the below information. Please Include as much information as possible in your email to ensure a more comprehensive answer. Here are a few recommended questions to consider:


Do you require a flower drying guide? Gillian will provide a detailed .pdf document outlining the best approaches to preserve your flowers for your custom project.  
What kind of style of necklace, earrings etc do you like? You can refer to the Lost Forest blog or Instagram page for inspiration on styles and designs. 
Gillian only works in 14k gold fill and cannot fulfil requests for sterling silver.
What length of chain do you require? Chains can be made in a variety of sizes; 16, 18, 21, 24, 28 or 30 inch lengths. 
It is worth noting that the best end results will be achieved with well preserved flowers with vibrant colouring. Gillian can only create beautiful keepsakes with good quality and dry materials. Faded, moldy or rotting flowers cannot be transformed in resin to how they originally looked when they were freshly picked.

Please be aware that a custom item will not be the same price as items currently in store. A custom order requires a new comprehensive design process that is unique to the customers specifications.