'Wish Upon a Raindrop'- Droplet Necklace

'Wish Upon a Raindrop'- Droplet Necklace


LOST FOREST has created a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewellery that is inspired by dazzling raindrops that have fallen upon the leafy forest floor. The raindrop holds a bewitching surprise; tiny real dandelion seeds. They gently dance within the natural pine resin; their fragile beauty captured forever in a timelessly elegant piece. A magical dusting of 24k gold leaf swirls around the seeds, sparkling with every movement you make.

• It is the customers responsibility to thoroughly read through the payment & delivery policies and terms of service before purchasing.

A handmade item does not have a machine made, uniform finish. The hand of the maker is evident in each piece to guarantee authenticity of a manual process. This is a charming inherent character of a handcrafted item and will not impact on the integrity, beauty or quality of the finished piece.

• Pendant approx 2.9 cm length, 1.8 cm diameter. Natural seam lines occur on the edges of this piece due to the handmade mold used.
• Handmade 14k gold-filled cable chain with an 18 inch length.
• 14k gold-filled jumps rings and spring clasp closure.
• An exclusive 24k gold-plated jewellery tag engraved with 'Lost Forest' is attached to the chain.

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