'Pixie Potion Bottle'- Necklace

'Pixie Potion Bottle'- Necklace


A beautiful whimsical piece of wearable art in the form of a pixie potion bottle necklace.

I made a mold from an original Edwardian cut glass fragrance bottle and created a crystal clear pine resin replica.The dainty bottle retains its beautiful detailing from the sharp facets of the topper to the natural curved contours of its body, and slightly mottled patina from the original hand blown glass. There is a wonderful sense of history exuding from this piece, and it is made all the more magical with its natural inclusions. 

Eternally embedded within are luminous tendrils of real Irish lichen and moss in vibrant shades of green and yellows. The spectrum of the Irish woodlands is contained forever within. Speckles of 24k gold leaf are scattered throughout to add another touch of sparkle. The very essence of Ireland can now be worn with you wherever you wander in the world with your own pixie potion bottle. 

Each bottle is lovingly handmade by myself, taking several hours every day over the course of two weeks to complete. The bottle hangs from a 14k gold filled bail which is attached to a 14k gold filled jump ring and a 14k gold filled chain, in a 19" inch length.

Handmade OOAK. Original design by Lost Forest ©

–Ready to ship. Each pendant will differ slightly due to the natural materials used.

–Resin is very lightweight to wear.

-Dimensions: approx. 5 cm in length.

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