'Mermaid Treasures'- Puddle Plate

'Mermaid Treasures'- Puddle Plate


'Puddle Plates' are an original and whimsical name and creation by Lost Forest. 

This star-shaped plate embodies the magic and folklore of the mystical Irish seas. Real Irish seashells and starfish were collected by me from the beautiful shoreline of Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow and preserved under a puddle of glossy pine resin. Glittering shards of 24k gold leaf dance amongst the shells, reminiscent of the fading setting sun shimmering across the breaking waves. A tiny rock pool filled with a Mermaids treasure are forever encapsulated in this stunning little dish. 

The design is constructed in many painstaking layers of crystal clear pine resin to resemble a clear pool of sea water. The rarity of the starfish and the lengthy process of this puddle plate makes it a truly special and unique piece.

The plate is made from quality porcelain in an off-white colour. It is ideal as a paper weight, trinket/ring dish or as a display piece either on a desk or vanity unit.

The Puddle Plate will be beautifully gift wrapped.

Handmade OOAK. Original design by Lost Forest ©

-Dimensions: 9.2 cm x 9 cm x 1.9 cm

-Starfish were not harmed in the making of this piece. They were found naturally expired on the beach. My work honours their short lives.

-Ready to ship. Each plate will differ slightly to the photos due to the natural materials used. 

-To clean use a soft cloth to restore shine. Not dishwasher safe or suitable for hot foods.

-Each plate comes with a gift box. This is flat packed upon delivery, and can be easily re-assembled for gift giving.

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