'Meadows of Gold'- Faceted Ring

'Meadows of Gold'- Faceted Ring


A stunning faceted eco resin ring has trapped real sprigs of wild honeyed grass, collected by me from an Irish summer meadow. The grass is suspended in eternal beauty within the crystal clear eco resin, which has been subtly tinted with a custom yellow dye to highlight the natural tones of the grass. The sprigs are accompanied by glittering shards of 24k gold leaf flakes for a sparkling effect.

The ring has been handcrafted by me in my studio with great love and care and is made using a sophisticated casting technique that results in beautiful crystal clear resin to showcase the natural inclusions in their full beauty and form. The ring has a very comfortable shape- slightly curved with a deep faceted front, which glitters under changing light. It is a real statement piece, perfect for any occasion.

Handmade OOAK. Original design by Lost Forest ©

–Size US 6.5 only.

–Ready to ship.

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