'Goddess of the Sea'- Torc Necklace

'Goddess of the Sea'- Torc Necklace


A stunning handmade pine resin torc-style necklace has preserved a portion of the tumultuous Irish sea forever in time. The glossy torc is like looking through a miniature rock pool holding beguiling treasures within its crystal clear depths. Real Irish seashells in warm tones of ochres, pinks and white and delicate starfish float within the resin. Tendrils of lush green moss meander through the shells, reminiscent of knotted seaweed. 

24k gold leaf speckles sparkle throughout, echoing the piercing rays of the sun on the waters surface. A few of the shells hold a hidden surprise; tiny mermaid treasures in the form of glistening white pearls. Thus creating an endlessly intriguing piece of wearable art. This piece of bespoke jewellery allows you to carry the magic of an Irish rock pool around with you for always, as well as being a wonderful conversation piece.

This whimsical piece of handcrafted jewellery is perfect for any lover of nature. The pine resin is crystal clear and of the highest quality due to the advanced casting techniques I use. Each torc was meticulously handcrafted over several weeks and is completely unique, just like the wearer.

The torc hangs from a beautiful handmade 14k gold fill chain in an 18" length.

Handmade OOAK. Original design by Lost Forest ©

–Ready to ship. Each torc will differ in composition and colour due to the natural materials used.

–Shells were collected by myself from Brittas Bay beach in Co. Wicklow. The starfish were found naturally expired. None were harmed in the making of this piece. 

-There will be slight protrusions/bumps on the back surface due to the shells natural forms, however this will not impact on the integrity or beauty of the finished piece.

–Dimensions: width- approx. 13 cm

–*Last photo depicts scale only and is not the necklace on sale.

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