'Chocolate Lace' - Limited Edition*

'Chocolate Lace' - Limited Edition*


LOST FOREST has captured a pixie wildflower landscape beneath fine layers of natural pine resin. The delicate scene was meticulously arranged by Lost Forest artist Gillian Corcoran, using personally and responsibly foraged native wildflowers from her local surroundings. Gillian expertly preserved these specimens to retain their colour and tiny intriguing details. They sit alongside a whimsical sprinkling of 24k gold leaf, which is inspired by swirling pollen particles caught on a fresh breeze. The elegant scene is embraced in a sumptuous 24k gold-plated frame, resulting in a unique looking-glass that reveals a magical secret world to those who peer through.

'Chocolate Lace' is a limited edition design by Lost Forest featuring diminutive Chocolate Queen Anne's Lace flowers in rich tones of burgundy-chocolate. Pale green delicate fern-shaped leaves embrace the intricate blooms.

Please read payment & delivery policies before purchasing. Additional information regarding jewellery care is available here. The necklace will be beautifully gift wrapped.

• Pendant ring is 1.9 cm in diameter.
• Handmade 14k gold-filled cable chain with an 18 inch length.
• Each necklace will differ slightly from the photo due to the natural materials used.
• 14k gold-filled jumps rings and spring clasp closure.
• Necklace is approximately 9 grams in weight.
• An exclusive 24k gold-plated jewellery tag engraved with 'Lost Forest' is attached to the chain.

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