'After the Autumn Rain'- Necklace

'After the Autumn Rain'- Necklace


A beautiful pine resin bib-style pendant has encapsulated an Autumnal woodland in a spectacular piece of botanical art. Real Japanese Acer leaves dance within crystal clear natural resin, shifting colour from warm reds to pale greens. The idea for this piece came to fruition while I was out walking in the Irish woods. I noticed Autumn leaves trapped beneath a puddle of rain; their beauty preserved underneath a secret hidden world. This pendant is an ode to that little moment created by Mother Nature. 

Tiny speckles of 24k gold leaf float around this beautiful scene, glittering with every move you make. The effect is one of pure natural elegance.

The smooth and glossy pendant is wonderfully tactile and a real statement piece. It hangs from a premium handmade 14k 18" gold filled chain. The eco resin is beautifully clear, UV resistant, hypoallergenic, and of the highest quality due to the advanced casting techniques I use.

Handmade OOAK. Original design by Lost Forest ©

–Ready to ship. Only one made. 

–Dimensions: Size: 6 cm in length, 4 cm wide, 1 cm thick.

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