'Under the Deep Blue Sea'- Crystal Necklace

'Under the Deep Blue Sea'- Crystal Necklace

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A beautiful handcrafted natural pine resin crystal has encapsulated a tiny drop of the deep blue sea forever in time. 

Endless swirls of custom aqua and blue dye have tinted the resin to echo the cool tones of the turbulent sea.  Delicate starfish are suspended within, their fragile beauty preserved for eternity. Speckles of glittering 24k gold leaf punctuate the resin, like sun rays perforating through the subterranean depths.

The result is a stunning and one of a kind necklace that has been skilfully crafted just for you. 

The sharp facets of the crystal point create a bewitching prism effect. A spectrum of colours bounce off its contours to create miniature rainbows trapped inside, further emphasising its intriguing beauty. 

The resin quartz has been fed onto a handmade high quality 14k gold fill chain in a 19" length. Only one has been made and is a completely unique piece of art for you to enjoy for many years.

Handmade OOAK. Original design by Lost Forest ©

–Ready to Ship. Only one made. You will receive the exact pendant as pictured.

–No starfish were harmed in the making of the piece. They were found naturally expired on the beach.

–Dimensions: pendant is approx. 4 cm in length, 2 cm in width

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