How to measure for an eco resin bracelet

Follow the guide below to measure for a full form eco resin bracelet. This type of bracelet is rigid and cast entirely from resin, so the knuckle and wrist measurements are very important to measure.


step 1

Wrap a narrow strip of paper around your wrist so that it fits comfortably, allowing a little movement but not so much that it slips over your hand.

step 2

Overlap the paper around your wrist and mark the join with a pencil.

step 3

Lay the paper flat, and measure the length from the end to the mark you made. This is your wrist measurement, which is the circumference of your bangle.

step 4

Squash your fingers together making your hand as narrow as possible as though you are about to slip on a bangle.

step 5

Wrap a strip of paper around the widest part of your squeezed-together hand, which will be around the thumb and knuckles.

step 6

Slip the paper back and forth to make sure it will move across your knuckles and down to your wrist easily.


Lay the paper flat, and measure the length from the end of the paper to the mark. This gives the circumference you need for your fixed sized bangle.


Mark the place of the overlap on the paper.

step 9

Cut your strip of paper at the point where you marked the measurement. 
Tape the ends together to form a made-to-measure paper bangle.

step 10

Lay the paper bangle on the table. Measure directly across the bangle from one side to the other at its widest point to check the diameter.


How to measure for an eco resin chain bracelet

Follow the guide below to measure for the 'Forest Raindrop' style bracelets, which comprise of an 18K GF chain and an eco resin charm. The wrist measurement is important to measure in this style of bracelet.


Step 1                                                                             step 2                                                                        Step 3

The knuckle of your wrist is the most important factor         Wrap a piece of string or cord around your wrist,             Take the piece of string and place next to a ruler. This
when measuring, as it denotes the widest part of your          making sure to include the widest point at the                  will give you your wrist measurement. Allow for an
wrist. Please take your measurement around this part.          knuckle. Mark the join of the two pieces of string             extra half an inch for comfort. If you like to wear
                                                                                                        with your finger and pull together firmly. Then                 loose bracelets, then add another full inch etc.
                                                                                                        with the same finger, grab the string at this spot
                                                                                                        to record the length and cut with a scissors.