'Always and Forever'- Memorial Jewellery

This beautiful crystal was created for a wonderfully brave woman facing a tragic burden no one should ever have to experience.

Her equally courageous husband asked me to design her a special piece to honour their precious little boy. I created my signature 'rainbow crystal', a name I bestowed on it due to the tiny rainbows formed from the sharp facets of the crystal when the sun beams bounce of its contours. The pine resin crystal is an exact replica of a quartz crystal from my own personal collection. When I received the flowers an idea immediately formed in my mind as to how the design would work. I sketched the arrangement, and then made a silicone mold of the original crystal. The process to create this special piece had begun.

The resin crystal would hold blooms from her wedding bouquet. The colours of the masterwort were a little faded, so I used my colour restoration technique to rejuvenate their original plum hue. At the base of the crystal, I created a little garden of tiny pressed daisies he picked especially for his mom. I hand gilded the tip in my original style; fragmented 24k gold leaf. The delicate strands of his hair embrace the scene, creating a frame around the botanicals. I then added a plum toned watercolour swirl, which magically glows from within. Strength, beauty, hope, enduring memories and stories are eternally preserved within a bespoke piece of jewellery she can cherish close to her heart forever.