'Wedding Bouquet Keepsake'- Custom Jewellery

My original pine resin crystals are synonymous with elegance and a touch of Lost Forest magic. They have become a popular choice for brides who ask me to create a wearable keepsake of their wedding day. This crystal was commissioned by a client of mine who wanted to save a small portion of her bridal bouquet. I designed and created this beautiful crystal for her with delicate sprigs of Limonium or 'Sea Lavender' and my signature watercolour swirl and 24k gold leaf gilding. The rich tone of the purple dye with the gold leaf creates a beautifully stylish piece of jewellery. The Limonium's elongated form majestically drift within the natural pine resin. 

The result is a fashionable and sentimental piece of jewellery that will be cherished forever. If you'd like your own keepsake of your big day, you can send me an enquiry on my contact page.

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