'The Floral Queen'- Real Flower Jewellery

A new addition to the Lost Forest collection is this beautiful handcrafted necklace ' The Floral Queen ', which is influenced by my original ' Bouquet for Anne' earrings. 

The necklace is inspired by the Victorian's love of the Language of Flowers. The Victorian's communicated with clandestine lovers or friends using their own secret language in the form of floral brooches, necklaces and earrings. Each flower was imbued with a hidden message and meaning, symbolic of love, desire or mourning. Queen Anne's Lace was emblematic of sanctuary. Its delicate sprays of ivory toned blooms evoke a miniature birds nest, offering protection and safety.

This pretty necklace is an ode to these long lost traditions. A fragile bouquet of Queen Anne's Lace is adorned on top of a lustrous layer of onyx black. Speckles of shimmering 24k gold dust dance around the blooms. The pendant has been sealed with a thick glossy layer of crystal clear pine resin. The overall look is one of ethereal beauty with a story to be told to those who wonder. 

The delightful botanical scene is embraced by a handmade  24k gold plated ring, which creates a glamorous and unique look. This necklace would be the perfect accessory for a summer garden party, wedding or as a gift for your bridesmaids. 

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