'A Day in February'

The past few days have been sprinkled with dusting's of snow and biting winds snaking up my spine, resulting in me perched over the radiator in the studio. However, when I gaze out the window I'm met with a visual paradox; sunshine beaming through bottle blue skies. It could almost tempt you into thinking it was a pleasant warm spring day outside. 

I couldn't resist anymore, so I wrapped up in several layers and braved the elements and enjoyed the February sunshine at my local park. I was joined by a flock of alabaster mute swans and a sweet pilgrim goose. I was also momentarily in the company of a buzzard hawk (too camera shy!), who faced the wrath of squawking magpies who sent him on his way. My trophy from my outing was a renewed burst of energy, creativity and a miniature bouquet of crocuses to brighten up my studio.