'A Lost Treasure'- Talisman

A new year in the Lost Forest studio marks a new beginning in my business. All will be revealed in another few months! For now, I have a little treat in the form of a special edition piece in the Lost Forest collection; a magical woodland talisman- ' My Little World'

I cast this piece from an authentic shard of quartz crystal, and created a pine resin replica that holds treasures from the enchanted woodlands of the Dublin mountains. Real tendrils of lichen still cling to a delicate pine branch, gathered from the forest floor after an autumn storm. The sculptural meandering forms of the lichen are showcased within the crystal clear resin. When you gaze at the crystal, you discover a new hidden detail every time, creating an endless sense of intrigue. 24k gold leaf has been hand gilded sporadically along the facets to add a touch of sparkle to this bewitching crystal. 

I created the crystal as a talisman you can carry with you wherever you may be. Place it in your hand, gaze into it, and feel like you are connecting with the natural world; a world not always accessible to everyone. Instantly, you will feel a sense of calm and inner peace, and ponder over the good things that life has to offer. The crystal can also sit upon your desk and offer a spark of inspiration to your day.