'Close to my Heart' -Memento Jewellery

Last year I created a very special piece for a wonderfully talented lady who suffered a tragic loss. We worked together on creating diminutive pine resin pebbles that would encapsulate delicate strands of her baby's hair. She wanted a tangible memento to hold onto forever, and to comfort her during a very difficult time ahead. 

I made a trio of pebbles and raindrops; each one holding their precious treasures. I also added sparkling 24k gold leaf and swirls of pink dye, floating upwards through the crystal clear resin. 

The next stage of the project was handed over to the highly skilled Irish goldsmith, Helena Malone. She fashioned a gold frame to hold the pebble; creating an eternal protective embrace. A tiny pink diamond was mounted to echo the pink in the pebble. The outcome was a beautifully unique, elegant and enduringly sentimental piece of jewellery she could wear close to her heart forever.