'Crystal Statement Necklace'- Custom Jewellery

Time for another custom piece I worked on during the spring. I was asked by a new bride to create a magnificent statement necklace with vanda orchids from her wedding bouquet. She wanted the orchids to be juxtaposed next to a woodland scene with lichen and Irish moss; creating a contrasting purple and green colour palette. She chose large amethyst crystals I had in my collection to create a prominent piece that would sit along the neckline. We worked together on creating a very unique piece of wearable art over the course of a month.

My design board below shows some of the 'brainstorming' process I undertake for custom orders; filled with test casts, sketches and notes. This helps as a visual aid for the customer, and also for myself; refining little details and solving technical challenges. Any changes can also be made at this stage, as once the resin is poured, there's no going back! The result was a really stunning bespoke piece of jewellery that is endlessly intriguing and glamorous.