'A Winter Engagement'- Custom Jewellery

I always love to work on custom projects, and this piece was another highlight for me; a floral engagement ring. My client wanted to surprise her partner with a truly bespoke and whimsical ring that hold precious sentimental memories for them both. 

The handcrafted gemstone encapsulated cut flowers from their beloved garden; luminous lily petals, in vibrant purple tones and rich orange hues cast from begonia petals. Illuminated by the daylight, the stone evokes the effect of sun beams coursing through the resplendent panes of a stained glass window. Speckles of silver leaf were sprinkled into the resin to create an intriguing sparkle. 

What makes this ring even more special is the inclusion of their cherished pets. I weaved strands of cat and dog hair, which delicately embraced the petals. The effect is subtle, but on further inspection it adds a wonderful element of curiosity and sentimentality to a very unique ring.