'Woodland Dewdrop Earrings'

My Woodland Dewdrop earrings have been a signature item in the Lost Forest collection since I started in 2012. The very first pair I made (first photo) was inspired by glistening morning dewdrops resting on petals and leaves. The effect has always intrigued me. It was as if Mother Nature had scattered twinkling diamonds across the forests and gardens; their alluring beauty revealed in the early morning sunshine. 

I wanted to create a tangible piece of wearable art that would evoke that magical effect. I handcrafted tiny resin globe studs, made from crystal clear eco resin using my specialist technique that resembles glass in its clarity. I added chunky shards of 24k gold leaf, which display a glamorous sparkle with every movement. 

The result is beautiful and timeless, and they have become a top selling item in the Lost Forest collection. Even the name; 'Woodland Dewdrops' is an original title I bestowed on these pieces. Unfortunately, as with a lot of my designs, many shops have since tried to emulate them, and their unique name. However, the quality and effect can never be successfully replicated by another. The original is always the best.