'Bridal Keepsake'- Custom Jewellery

Over the remaining weeks of 2017, I'll be showcasing a few of the custom projects I've worked on during the past year. The majority of requests were bridal memento necklaces, bangles and Puddle Plates. They are a beautiful reminder that you can keep long after the special day has passed. I've been making wedding memento jewellery since the early days of my career in 2012, and hopefully it will continue into 2018 with a new selection of happy brides (one of which will be myself!).

I always welcome a challenge, something a little out of the ordinary. As an artist it's what I thrive on; new, exciting ideas to turn the cogs in the creative brain. I had a long term client approach me with a project she had in mind for her friend who recently got married. Unfortunately, the flowers she had dried had succumbed to moisture damage and caused mold to set-in. This can be a devastating moment to discover after the long patient wait for the flowers to dry. 

However, when I received the blooms, I put my thinking hat firmly on and decided to create something special out of a bad situation. There was one petal which had survived most of the damage, it was starting to turn to the dark side, so I salvaged it and applied my Lost Forest 'secret rescuing solution' to bring it back to life! I then set the petal into a 24k gold framed pendant tray, adding tiny speckles of 24k gold leaf to the base to add some more sparkle. As the light passed through the sheer petal, it resembled a miniature floral stained glass window, and enhanced its delicate beauty further. 

The result was a pretty and elegant necklace that was the perfect every day accessory, with added hidden sentiment for its new owner.