'It's a Small World After All'

A selection of my original eco resin paperweights have just popped up in store. I only have one of available in each design, and each one is completely bespoke and will not be made again. If you'd like your own miniature magical world, then follow the links below to claim your Lost Forest treasure!

Each eco resin paperweight allows you to adorn your desk or workspace with a little portion of the enchanted Emerald Isle.

The domed paperweight has been cast from an original Victorian glass paperweight from my own collection of curiosities. I made a mold from it, and cast these magical botanical 'bubbles' using natural pine resin; each one holding their very own floral treasure. You can choose your favourite.

Sparkling Seashore-

featuring real Irish seashells collected along the windswept shore of Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow. Hidden amongst the shells are delicate starfish (found naturally expired on the beach), and sparkling shards of iridescent glitter to evoke the shimmering light upon the crest of a wave. A tiny secret world is contained within this beautiful piece of art.

My Sweet Daisy-

featuring real oxeye daisies that were collected by myself from a wild Irish meadow a number of years ago. The pale ochre petals are suitably aged, yet command attention in this bespoke piece. They are accompanied by a whirlwind of leaves and ferns to complete their wondrous little world.

Dahlia Daydreams-

featuring a real sunny yellow dahlia picked from my garden during the summer months. The bloom has been expertly preserved to retain its fragile and enduring beauty. Woodland ferns gathered from the Dublin mountains embrace the bloom, along with sprinkles of 24k gold leaf, and create an inspiring and beautiful decorative piece.

Wish upon a Dandelion

featuring real dandelion seeds, plucked from a field of wild dandelions late last summer. Iridescent shards of sparkling glitter dance around the seeds, shifting colour magically under

the changing light of the day. The effect is one of mesmerising beauty and eternal magic with every glance.