'Forget- me- not'- Custom Project

Forget-me-nots are one of my favourite flowers; delicate, elongated stems capped off with a bonny blue bloom. They're symbolic of elegance, true love, enduring friendship, and remembrance of those who have passed. 

During the summer months they grew in proliferation in the garden; a swaying blue breeze of happiness. I picked hundreds of them and pressed them in anticipation for upcoming resin projects. One such project was to create a bespoke Puddle Plate for a client of mine. She wanted a special gift for a dear friend who lost her grandmother. The forget-me-not blooms were the ideal flower for this request. 

I created a crystal clear puddle of resin, which had trapped layers of tiny Forget-me-not and 24k gold leaf. It was reminiscent of a little dish that had been left out in a rain shower, and had collected tiny botanical treasures. 

The overall effect was a unique and very personal memento for her friend, and a precious reminder of her grandma.