'It's in the Details'

A brief photographic snippet of an autumn morning in Dublin. My morning walk inspires me for the day, and the magnificent changes of colour feel like an invigorating jolt to the senses. 

The trapped autumn leaves under the rippling water were my very first inspiration for my resin work (minus the nosey swan). I've always been fascinated by such a seemingly insignificant detail to most people, but it always struck a chord with me. I felt like there was another world encapsulated beneath and waiting to be explored. That is true inspiration to an artist; a reference from nature, not from another person or their body of work. Stop for a moment and observe them; a play of light through autumnal leaves, outstretched shadows crawling across the landscape or a leaf caught beneath a puddle of rain. Little details in life can manifest into wonderful tangible works of art captured through the eyes and creativity of a true artist.