'Buttercup Crystal'- Necklace

My original design of a double terminated eco resin crystal with a botanical surprise is a beautiful statement piece of jewellery. I have one in my own personal collection (perks of the job) and it's my go to necklace as yellow and gold is a colour that brightens up any outfit and any time of the year. The buttercup crystal has captured the wild beauty of an Irish summer meadow, which has been lovingly encased within a beautiful quartz pendant. The crystal has been meticulously created using natural pine resin, formed in a mold I made of an authentic double terminated quartz. The natural resin is wonderfully clear due to the highly refined techniques I use, and showcases the inclusions in all their intricate detail.

A single real buttercup is eternally suspended within the resin. The buttercup was picked from a wildflower meadow and preserved over several weeks to retain its beautiful colour and tiny details. Swirls of buttery yellow dye have been carefully threaded through the resin by hand. They subtly embrace the elegant bloom and magically glow when the daylight passes through the crystal. Glittering speckles of 24k gold leaf have been hand gilded onto the base of the crystal to add another touch of glamour to this stunning piece.

The sharp facets of the crystal point create a bewitching prism effect. A spectrum of colours bounce off its contours to create miniature rainbows trapped inside, further emphasising its intriguing beauty.

The resin quartz has been fed onto a handmade high quality 14k gold fill chain in a 20" length. Only one has been made and is a completely unique piece of art for you to enjoy for many years.