'An Irish Sorrel Woodland'

The woodlands are currently blanketed with a rich emerald tapestry of woodland sorrel or Oxalis acetosella. It is often known as 'woodland shamrock' due to its close resemblance to its miniature counterpart. This ubiquitous plant is a common sight in Irish woodlands. During the months of April - June, a tiny and delicate flower blooms, and resembles fallen confetti on the forest floor. A truly beautiful sight to behold. Mother Nature has lovingly decorated the alabaster petals with elegant purple pinstripes, and a buttery golden yellow centre. The green heart-shaped leaves are trifoliate, and charmingly fold up towards the sun in late afternoon, as if taking a much deserved midday break. I also love how the morning dewdrops linger on the leaves, and sparkle under the sun like tiny fallen crystals.

I collected and preserved a handful of the flowers during spring, and the result is this beautiful one-of-a-kind eco resin necklace- 'Sorrel Woodland'. The ethereal beauty of the woodlands is forever captured within the pendant. This handcrafted eco resin globe has encapsulated real wood sorrel flowers and woodland ferns. The delicate sorrel petals are beautifully decorated with thin purple pinstripes; their fragile details showcased wonderfully in crystal clear resin. The sorrel and ferns were discovered at the base of an old oak tree in the Dublin mountains. I preserved them within this pendant as an ode to their enduring friendship that prevailed in the woods over the years. The ferns embrace the scene and are accompanied by a dusting of 24k gold leaf to create a stunning and one of a kind botanical pendant.

The globe hangs from an 14k gold filled jump ring and a high quality 14k gold filled 19" chain. You will become the guardian of a unique piece of botanical art. .