'Wish Upon a Dandelion'

'Wish upon a raindrop' is the latest eco resin treasure in the Lost Forest collection. It's inspired by dazzling raindrops that have fallen upon the leafy forest floor. The delicate raindrop holds a bewitching surprise; tiny real dandelion seeds. They gently dance within the crystal clear eco resin, their fragile beauty captured forever in a timelessly elegant piece. A magical dusting of 24k gold leaf swirls around the seeds, glittering with every movement you make. 

This piece is beautifully timeless and wearable, and is now my firm favourite for my everyday wear. It adds a wonderful touch of glamour to any outfit, and always catches people's eye. To complete the look, my 'Make a wish' drop earrings are an ideal accompaniment.

Dandelion's hold such a poignant and hopeful message for many people.  Their ethereal ghostly structure has always fascinated me, and from the very beginnings of my resin making journey, I love to capture them in their simplest form. This necklace seems to be the perfect way to remind you everyday to keep hope alive and always strive forward.