'The Great Mushroom Hunt'

These beautiful autumnal days are my favourite of the year. There's a certain air of calm, solitude and reflection in the changing of the temperature, light and natural surroundings. Although this September has been a slightly more wet one than we're use to, it does have its benefits, and it results in a copious collection of mushrooms springing up from the forest floor.

I usually spend a few mornings a week trekking through the woodlands in search of my charming fungi friends. They're often found hidden amongst long grasses, and concealed under an emerald blanket of woodland sorrel with dew drops sparkling like fallen diamonds. It really is a sight to behold, and makes the hours in the bone tingling cold a lot more bearable. I've been lucky enough to discover banded mottlegill, chanterelle, fairy ink caps and nitrous bonnet. A pretty selection of tiny treasures that are ready to be made into intriguing eco resin jewels.