'It's a Small World After All'- Mushroom Necklaces

The Lost Forest collection just got a little boost today with these new Looking Glass pendants. My tiny mushroom worlds are inspired by my original and award nominated piece 'The Magical Mottlegill Mushroom' necklace. Since then, I've had a lot of fun creating variations of that design.

I love conjuring up miniature natural worlds using foraged finds from my local woodlands. The main focus in every pendant are tiny mushrooms, which I've collected and preserved over several weeks. Their spindly whimsical forms are reminiscent of tiny forest gnomes hiding amongst a lush blanket of moss. Each inclusion has been handpicked from the same location in the forest to ensure that the natural symbiotic relationship of the finds continue on together in their next adventure; sparkling eco resin jewels. 

The first looking glass,

'The Woodland of the Elfin Wishes' features a secret little wonderland; inhabited by diminutive elves who flutter amongst the fallen autumn leaves strewn upon the forest floor. Tiny real Mottlegill mushrooms spring up from a layer of Irish moss. Sprigs of delicate purple tipped Elfin herb embrace the bewitching scene. A secret hidden dandelion seed sits beneath the cap of a mushroom, offering a hint of luck to the wearer of this beautiful piece. Glittering 24k gold leaf speckles float in the clear resin to create an added touch of intrigue.

The second pendant, 'Dream in the Floral Forest' features a beautiful floral forest; settled by mischievous flower faeries who flutter through the enchanted woods. Delicate real Mottlegill mushrooms spring up from knotted tendrils of real Irish moss. Elongated vines of pale blue water Forget-me-not dance within the celestial scene. Vibrant yellow buttercups are caught in an eternal breeze; their fragile beauty captured forever. Shimmering speckles of 24k gold leaf dance within the clear resin to create an added touch of glamour.