'Lost Forest Torc Necklaces'

Back in my former life before Lost Forest became my full time career and passion, I was an archaeologist and art historian. I've always had a huge yearning to learn about social history and its material culture. It's now interesting to think back to my days working with Viking finds from the Wood Quay excavations in the National Museum, and illustrating and documenting tiny treasures from the past. I believe my love for creating my own treasures was influenced by them. I was particularly mesmerised by jewellery finds, in particular Celtic torcs. Beautiful shimmering gold crescents that would embrace the contours of the neckline displaying beauty, wealth and prestige to all. I was inspired by them to create my own eco resin torc; an ode to my Celtic past. 

I created two types; The Goddess of the Sea and The Midsummer Garden. They were meticulously handcrafted over several weeks, and although they were labour intensive to create, the result was certainly worth it. The complexity of their design and intricate detailing means they both display a sense of eternal wonder as your eye passes over the rambling organic arrangements. I'm very happy with the result and it will definitely be difficult to part with these precious pieces. However, I am sure they will be equally treasured and admired by their prospective owners.