'IDI Awards 2017'

I am thrilled to announce that my little business Lost Forest has been shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious IDI (The Institute of Designers in Ireland) awards 2017. Lost Forest was selected along with 70 other professional Irish designers and design houses out of over 400 entries.

I submitted my signature piece; 'The Magical Mottlegill Woodland' Necklace. This little piece of art was chosen as the finalist in the 'Accessories' category. 

I am beyond happy as it is an overwhelming achievement after the many years I have devoted to my craft.

Lost Forest began in a tiny corner in a Dublin city apartment in 2012. It was a hobby at first, a creative outlet away from my office job, where I dreamt up a unique concept that was all my own. I was always fascinated by nature, especially leaves caught under glass-like puddles, and sun-shimmering dewdrops delicately resting on leaves. I sought about translating these inspirations into something that was wearable, fashionable and permanent. The concept of foraging in the magical Irish forests and finding hidden lost treasures from Mother Nature is one which is the basis of my business (as captured in the name), and one which is originally mine. 

It is so fulfilling to have my unique designs and skills to be recognised and awarded by the largest and oldest association of design professionals in Ireland. Looking past 2012, Lost Forest is now my job, my career, my income, and my life. It is a sustainable business with an eco conscience. Everything is made by myself in Dublin (now in much more magical surroundings than that tiny apartment all those years ago!). It’s a business I have made all by myself, and I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved. Thank you to everyone who supports my business and helps it to grow each year. I am truly thankful for all the likes, follows and shares, all the sales and heart warming feedback. I hope many more people will fall in love with Lost Forest over the next few years, as it is an exciting journey for us all, and one I'm happy to share with each and every one of my wonderful customers and supporters. Gillian x