'Buttercup Meadow'- Necklace

New to the Lost Forest collection is this beautiful one-of-a-kind necklace- 'Buttercup Meadow'. It allows you to carry a miniature wildflower meadow with you wherever you may wander. A single vibrant buttercup rests within crystal clear natural pine resin. The delicate bloom was picked fresh from an Irish summer meadow and carefully preserved to retain its luscious colour and tiny details. The buttercup is surrounded by a confetti cloud of baby pink, ivory and pale yellow Queen Anne's Lace flowers. They dance around the buttercup and echo the fun and frivolity of the warm summer days.

The miniature blooms are accompanied by a fine scattering of glistening 24k gold leaf flakes, which sparkle with every movement. The dazzling botanical scene is embraced by a handmade 24k gold plated ring, which creates a glamorous and unique look. This necklace would be the perfect accessory for a summer garden party or wedding.