'Midsummer Meadows'

June has always been a favourite month of mine; with its warm sunny days, long evenings enrobed in florescent sunsets, pond lilies flaunting their form, and wildflower meadows splashed with vibrant colour and energetic life. Poppies in particular exude such a powerful and evocative display. Their blood red petals are traditionally symbolic of bloodshed and death, becoming emblematic of the catastrophic loss of life during the World Wars. It's this poignancy combined with angelic beauty that makes it such a bewitchingly beautiful wildflower.

I gathered a few poppies and cornflowers for my botanical supplies. While I was prepping some petals for pressing, I was so inspired by the rich ruby red tone of the silk-like petals. I had an urge to create a piece right away and this became the newest necklace in store 'Crystals & Rubies' using the same tonal palette as the poppies. I used my own pressed sprigs of gypsophila, which I had dyed red. They almost look like tiny versions of real poppies with their circular heads bobbing upon their elegant elongated stems. I also added swirls of ruby red dye to the resin to heighten the colour.