'Handpicked & Handmade'

My motto for my jewellery collection has always been 'handpicked and handmade'. I've forever been in eternal wonder at the natural world around me, and flowers of every colour, shape and form fascinate me. It was inevitable that one day they would consume me and become part of my working life. Every little bloom within my jewellery is picked by me from the wildflower meadows I love to wander through, and are carefully pressed to keep just a tiny part of its magic alive.

Here's a snapshot of my day passing through a long lost secret garden; filled with crabapple trees, pink poppies, primrose and wild violets. We also had an appearance of the enchanting 'Unicorn of the Forbidden Forest' necklace, concealed within the embrace of a billowy tulip. I even encountered a woodland angel, who didn't mind modelling one of my newest pieces, which will be debuting in store very soon.