Lost Forest Jewellery by Gillian Corcoran

Handpicked & Handmade in IrelanD

Lost Forest is a luxury natural resin jewellery and homewares brand. All products are skilfully handmade by master craftsperson Gillian Corcoran in her studio in Dublin, Ireland. Established in 2012, Lost Forest has been creating magical pine resin keepsakes encapsulating natural botanical elements from the Irish woodlands, meadows, and seashores; long before the trend of nature inspired jewellery. Every piece is truly one-of-a-kind, and unique to each person who is lucky enough to behold a Lost Forest treasure for themselves. Step into the Lost Forest, and let Gillian show you all the wonders she creates. 

Lost Forest Jewellery


"The gentle breeze was permeated with the sweet scent of pine needles.
It danced tenderly around her shoulders as she wandered into the knotted labyrinth of the woods.
Her foot thread lightly over soft mossed meandering pathways, long since swallowed by the
voracious vines. The fading glow of the departing sun pierced through the spectral branches
and illuminated the forest floor. Her eyes became transfixed by a glint of gleaming light emanating from
a treasure lost amongst the litter of fallen leaves. She scooped up the object and cradled it in her delicate hand.
The fragility of nature's blooms had been trapped in crystal clear resin to preserve their beauty forever.
This found treasure was now hers to keep, a gift to her from the depths of the lost forest."




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