Scenes from the Studio

I always love to have a little peek into fellow artists and crafters work spaces; to catch a glimpse of their tools, creative corners and curiosities that ignite sparks of inspiration to their work. I thought I would give you the same delight and have a tiny tour around the Lost Forest studio.

Here is a panorama shot of my studio. It is never this tidy and sparse; you have indeed caught a rare sight of it in this pristine state! I am lucky to have lots of natural light to illuminate my work space, flooding in from the garden and the sky above. It definitely encourages productivity and a clearer mind.

I currently have two desks; the one on the left is for computer work and packing, while the one on the right is my resin making desk. Space is limited but I make the most with what I am fortunate to have.

My computer desk is where I answer all my emails, edit photos and tend to my online store. I like to surround myself with my flower guides so I can quickly grab them while sorting and identifying my dried flower collection, which also takes place here.

My resin making desk is pictured above, ready for a busy day of resin pouring, and featuring some of the tools of my trade - my giant flower presses and a selection of files, sanding pads and polishes.

My glass jar collection is fully stocked with seashells I've collected from the Irish shoreline, countless feathers gathered from parks and forests, and some gifted by friends and family. There's also more flower guides stacked next to the jars. It's definitely a very colourful and intriguing display in my studio.

My guinea fowl feathers are stored in this round bodied jar. I love to look at the striking patterns adorning these lovely little feathers. Billie the cat is also very fond of them, so they are kept on a high shelf to avoid any kitty munchies.

I have a small collection of bright orange Macaw feathers, which I found outside the bird cage at Dublin Zoo. I like how they compliment my Grandad's old manual drill in the background.

I love to place flowers from the garden around the studio to add splashes of colour and sweet aromas. Here's some gypsophila; one of my favourite flowers due to its delicate form and pom-pom-like blooms. It rests in front of my map of the world. I added little gold stars to all the countries that I have sold my jewellery to. It's a heart warming and inspiring reminder to keep striving forward and to be proud of my achievements. I hope to have the map completely covered in sparkling stars some day soon.

Some more feathers high on my book case, such as these stunning peacock and pheasant feathers my boyfriend found for me on a farm. I also have a passion for candles, and there is a small colony of them in my studio. I especially like this strawberry pink one; a nice message of positivity to your day.

My precious little dandelion seed collection. These magical seeds inhabit an old tea box, which sits on my resin-making desk for easy access when I'm creating my dandelion globes.

Sitting upon my drawer unit are some more little bits and bobs, such as this old history book from my Grandad, a ceramic enrobed candle; which has the most intensely beautiful fragrance, my old alarm clock and some miniature frames I made with spare dried pansies from the garden. The cute aqua birdie is the perfect vessel to hold these Sweet William flowers.

Did I mention I loved candles? Well, here's another one adding some warmth to my work space. My favourite golden scissor is a staple on my desk. It's perfect for snipping flowers ,as well as remnants of resin from delicate pieces just out of their molds. The tiny gold box is an interesting curiosity I recently bought. It is made by Colgate Co. and holds white cosmetic face powder dating from the early 1900's. I have such a fondness for unusual and of course shiny trinkets from days gone by. Also pictured are some hand pressed pansies.

My flower collection is immense and all of the beautiful botanicals live within archival units under my work desks. When space on my desk is limited, these units often function as additional work tops for little tasks such as fixing bails and polishing.

A miniature drawer unit is home to my paints, inks, dyes and instruments. This little lady keeps an eye on everything, while also doing some modelling in her spare time; a natural don't you think?

My ever expanding tweezer collection. I use a lot of these for my work, as they are perfect for picking up fragile flowers and arranging them within molds. Occasionally they get covered in resin so have to be discarded. I try to keep the little Geisha tweezer well away from potential resin spills as it's just too pretty.

Any seed packets I buy get mounted onto a pin board in my studio. I date each one when I sow them in the garden. My favourites to grow at the moment are 'Love-in-a-Mist' and Cornflowers. I'm already looking forward to Spring to see the colourful results.

Dog Roses and Japanese Roses ready for drying during the summer months. Billie was particularly enamoured by these sweetly fragranced blooms.

Some Peony Roses from summer add another burst of colour to a corner of my studio. 

It's a lovely place to create my unique eco resin treasures; their humble home before they are sent on their journey to all corners of the globe. I can't describe how special a feeling it is to think about that. I hope you enjoyed these little snippets from the Lost Forest studio. 

– Gillian x