Autumn Days

Autumn is slowly shuffling to an end, and soon the biting Winter winds tingling at our finger tips and noses will fast encroach. I have always had a soft spot for Autumn days, not just because I'm an October baby, but for the sense of nostalgia and 'coziness' this time of year evokes. The radiant metamorphosis of nature unfolding before our eyes; the wonderful low play of light piercing through the woodlands and the cool breeze inviting the fallen leaves up to dance in a frenzied swirl of colour.  

I try to make the most of Autumn's last remaining days, and when I'm not too busy in the studio I venture out into my local woodlands to collect the discarded leaves, acorns, seeds and lichen strewn like confetti upon the forest floor. There's always a heightened awareness of magic and intrigue in exploring nature at this time of year, and I truly wish I could stop the clock to enjoy these moments for just a little bit longer.

Now, let us begin our wander through the enchanted Autumnal woodlands.....

The sun-dappled canopy of leaves.

Time for leaf collecting duties in the midst of the willowy trees. How sweet is this teeny tiny leaf? 

The most beautiful vibrant yellow from Mother Nature's colour palette. 

Dazzling sun beams pierce through the gnarled branches of the forest, illuminating spindly spider webs and highlighting wonderful finds such as this huge mottled leaf.

Who says faeries don't inhabit the woodlands? I found this little one tucked away in his leafy home, perhaps hibernating for the onset of Winter.

A wild ruby red rose adding a vivid burst of colour; a faint reminder of the past Summer. 

A variety of colourful finds from my forest foraging, ready for pressing.

My Lost Forest treasures which accompanied me on my Autumnal walk - the Irish Birch Bangle and the Gilded Woodland Leaf necklace in a shimmering rose gold. Perfect accessories for this season.

Keep an eye out for this stunning magenta bangle arriving in the new year.  I brought it with me into the forest as there were lovely freshly cut tree stumps, which made an ideal stage to take some photos. It has trapped sprigs of deep pink wildflowers, custom magenta dye and my signature style of a band of glittering gold and rose gold leaf. 

I am constantly scanning the forest floor for inspiration and finds, but I also have to remind myself to look above as there's often some very interesting things happening there too! This stunning display of vapour trails gliding across the bottle blue skies stopped me in my tracks. They reminded me of broad swashes of paint applied to an artist's canvas. 

The lake of my local park has rich jewel-like tones this time of year. 

I always love to photograph trees, especially catching them in silhouette; their emphatic intricate form resembling exquisite filigree work.

The crimson vines creeping and curling up walls, shoes plunged deep into mounds of leaves, chilly evenings spent by the glow of the fireside with a warming cup of hot chocolate. You can't help but be enamoured by this magical season and all the simple delights it has to offer. I hope this post has inspired you to take the time to go explore your surroundings and invigorate your mind, body and soul.

– Gillian x