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The story of Lost Forest


LOST FOREST was established in 2012 by Dublin born artist and designer Gillian Corcoran. Lost Forest is proud to be the original Irish nature inspired jewellery, and was the first jewellery line in Ireland to use a unique eco-friendly pine resin, combined with native wildflowers and organic curiosities. Gillian is a pioneer in this medium. Due to the success and originality of Lost Forests unique concept, regretfully it has been widely imitated by makers both in Ireland and abroad. Fortunately they have not been able to replicate Gillian’s finely tuned skilful techniques and knowledge. When one purchases a piece of jewellery from the Lost Forest collection, they are guaranteed to become the owner of an authentic piece of original art.

Each and every piece in the Lost Forest collection is meticulously handmade by Gillian in her little log cabin studio situated on the family farm in beautiful Co. Cavan. Inspirited by her natural surroundings, Gillian yearned to create tangible artworks that had preserved an ephemeral moment in time. The idea of Lost Forest's signature miniature wildflower landscapes emerged from this unique creative vision.

Lost Forest is an ode to Mother Nature's enduring artistry, and a lasting testament to the fine details, patterns and solitary characteristics in nature that often go unnoticed in today's fast-paced society.  A miniature replica of Ireland is discovered in each piece, resulting in an endlessly fascinating tiny world one longs to spend time in. 

Gillian is a member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. Her reputation for exceptional craftsmanship has been internationally recognised. Lost Forest has been widely exhibited in Ireland, Spain, USA, Germany and France.

Lost Forest has been featured in notable publications, such as Vogue, Tatler, Irish Country magazine, The Irish Independent, RTE Lifestyle and Image magazine. We are also a multi-award nominated brand, achieving recognition at the 'Irish Made Awards' by Irish Country Magazine, and a finalist in the 'Fashion and Textiles' category at The Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) Awards. 

Lost Forest cares deeply about the world around us, and we endeavour to use eco-friendly alternatives in both our jewellery pieces and packaging. Pine resin is derived from sustainable sources and is an eco-friendly product. Gillian personally collects all organic inclusions from her local surroundings in a sustainable manner. It is also a priority for her to plant new seeds to help the local ecology thrive and survive. Organic matter such as bees, wasps and starfish have been collected responsibly, and only when they have naturally expired. Lost Forest never harms any living creatures in the making of our jewellery. Our packaging is printed on FSC-certified papers and printed locally in Dublin. Lost Forest is plastic-free and uses biodegradable substitutes.